10 Reasons Why You Should Spend Your Vacation at a Health Retreat

For many of us, vacations are a time to press pause on daily life and slow down. For others, holidays are a time for adventure. Whatever your reason for getting away, most of us have one thing in common – to escape our daily routines and to return feeling refreshed, energised and motivated.

Yet how often do you feel as though you need a vacation as soon as you get home from one? As Australia’s longest-running and best health retreat, our purpose is to provide an experience that is enjoyable, whilst helping you establish healthy, sustainable habits to benefit you in the long term.

If you’re starting to plan your next holiday, here are 10 reasons why you should spend your stay at Eden Health Retreat.

#1 You’ll find your healthy balance

On holidays, you may find yourself maintaining habits that are hindering your wellbeing, or indulging in activities that you enjoy in the moment but aren’t beneficial in the long run (such as continuously checking work emails, or letting go of exercise and nutrition while you’re away).

At Eden Health Retreat, your stay is more than a holiday. We help you identify what’s weighing you down and tailor your stay to overcome any mental or physical barriers to your health. The benefits of your holiday with us will last long after you’ve returned home.



#2 You’ll learn to live life consciously

It’s so easy for us to get swept away in our day-to-day life that we can often forget to stop and become fully aware of our surroundings and appreciate the little things in life.

A stay at a health retreat allows you the time to become more grounded and gain a balanced perspective without distractions. At Eden Health Retreat we encourage guests to put down the electronic devices and fully embrace nature and the present moment.

#3 You’ll connect with nature

Biophilia has many health benefits. We’re situated on 400 acres of lush, green, rainforest, the perfect escape from the concrete jungle. From strolling along our scenic bush walks to hearing the songs of wildlife at night, to filling your lungs with fresh air, connecting to nature is a huge part of rejuvenating and re-centring your mind and body.


#4 You’ll have access to expert advice and treatments

At Eden, we have the best in the health business, to help and guide you during your stay, but they will also give you tips and tools to carry this knowledge into your everyday life. Whatever your goals, our experts will be able to share valuable information and help you implement healthy habits back home.

#5 Every meal will nourish you

When we’re on holidays, it’s tempting to let go when it comes to nutrition. Whilst balance is important, neglecting nourishing food over your entire vacation will be a key reason why you come home feeling tired and sluggish. At Eden, our key focus is food, its source and how it can nourish your body and mind. Our team of chefs and nutritionists craft the menu from fresh, local ingredients – it really is health on a plate.



#6 You’ll have time to reflect

Maybe you can’t pinpoint exactly what aspect of your life you want to change, perhaps it’s just a feeling that change needs to happen.

A health retreat is the perfect environment to reflect on your health and happiness, and truly identify what parts of your life could be turned around to support these changes. Our counsellors can also provide assistance in addressing and overcoming any obstacles to your mental and physical wellbeing.

#7 You’ll meet new people

At Eden, we welcome people from all walks of life. While each of our guests are wonderful and diverse, they all have a common goal: to enhance their health and wellbeing in some way. You will meet like-minded people and those who may help you open your mind to new perspectives, creating an even more enriching experience.

#8 You’ll experience a digital detox

Our modern lives are inundated with screens. Whether we’re working, relaxing, or socialising, screens have become a huge part of almost every aspect of our lives.

Time at a health retreat gives you the opportunity to undergo a digital detox, by helping you to break this habit and reliance on technology. At Eden, we design a daily program for you to keep you occupied and active.


#9 You’ll have a personalised experience tailored to suit your goals

Unlike holidays with friends or family where you’ll often find yourself agreeing with other people’s plans, the purpose of a health retreat is to focus on yourself. Whether your goal is to manage your stress levels, learn how to improve your physical health, or simply achieve true relaxation, we provide a stay customised for your needs. Our friendly staff will work with you upon booking to discuss what you would like to achieve during your stay and create a daily program accordingly. From thrilling activities to utter relaxation, we have activities catered for everyone.

#10 You’ll experience holistic healing

Transforming your wellbeing isn’t just about addressing one or two aspects of your life: it’s about changing your mindset and approach to interdependent elements of your life for holistic healing. At Eden, we help enhance your wellbeing from every aspect – through food, relaxation, physical exercise, mental alignment, education and more, we provide an invigorating experience from which you can choose elements to take with you on your return.

Beyond a surface-level detox, we want to truly connect to the root of any aspect of your life that may be hindering your wellbeing. Not only will we help you while you’re at Eden, but we will share advice, knowledge and tools to help you carry these changes when you return home.

If you feel as though you need a health retreat experience and you’re ready to book a stay with us, click below to submit your enquiry. Otherwise, click here to explore our luxury cabins.

We look forward to welcoming you through our gates someday!