A Moment at Eden

In celebration of men everywhere Eden has released a limited edition 3-day Men’s Retreat experience from 16th – 18th February.

Set in a supportive environment our 3-day retreat is an adventure of self-discovery, changing the face of men’s health to help them live happier, healthier, longer lives.

A platform to share stories and gather some tools to deal with their stuff, while working to shift the perceptions around what a man should be.

In the peace of our ancient valley, we provide the space and the support to discover the magic of connection through conversation and growth.

You’ll also have the opportunity to connect with special guest facilitators including Tommy Herschell from ‘Find Ya Feet’ and Olympian and Iron Man, Ky Hurst as well as Eden’s own PE champ Cain Hayward. This retreat will allow you to spend time in the presence of good men of different ages, backgrounds, experiences, successes and challenges.

Numbers are limited per group, so book early to ensure your place. Bring a mate for a 25% discount.

Everyone’s journey is important. Reflect. Recharge. It’s your time.

Eden Team