Eden is committed to helping to prevent and eradicate the slavery of thousands of girls across India.

Everyone deserves to live a life in freedom, peace and safety. Together we can Change for Good.

At Eden, we help provide vital support to prevent the trafficking of young girls for sexual exploitation in India. We are helping create Safe Villages so girls can avoid the risk of traffickers, stay in school and reach their full potential.

Opportunity International enables vital work to educate and empower communities on the exploitation of women and girls and Operation Red Alert has created a national sex trafficking helpline to put power in the hands of those who need it most.



We have chosen to support Operation Red Alert’s Safe Village Program to put a stop the 200,000 girls who are trafficked and sold into slavery every year in India.


The Safe Village Program ensures that young girls can avoid the risks of traffickers, stay in school and reach their full potential.


Alongside our partners Opportunity International, Eden is dedicated to creating a safe and secure environment for at-risk girls and help end sex trafficking for good by 2025.



It is estimated that there are 10 million women and girls in prostitution in India. Many are held captive in India’s brothels, where violent beatings and even death are all too common. Every three minutes an Indian girl who's average age is 13 years, is sold into sex slavery.

Globally, 98% of sex slaves are women and girls and currently only 1% of victims are ever rescued. Even if rescued, the road to rehabilitation is extremely difficult and yet there are very few NGOs working to prevent this exploitation from happening.



Eden’s giving partner Opportunity International aims to end sex trafficking in India by 2025. They position their work to fill one major gap in the national response to trafficking – prevention. This is achieved through focusing on three pillars: Expose, Empower and Eradicate.

Girls living in poverty in villages are typically targeted, with promises of schooling, jobs or marriage. Preventing trafficking is impossible if we do not educate the families and villages that traffickers are targeting.



By creating Safe Villages in India -

In India, most families have no idea that their girls are being taken and sold into sexual exploitation. Preventing trafficking will only be possible through education and empowerment.

Operation Red Alert has now run over 1000 Safe Village Programs, reaching in excess of 760,000 community members, attending sessions targeted at educating and empowering families and friends to understand the dangers and break the cycle.


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