Eden Health Retreat is fortunate to be surrounded by lush greenery and scenic rainforest as far as the eye can see. If your goal is to unplug for a while, we offer the perfect environment to rediscover the wonders that mother nature has to offer.


Whether you want to swing through the treetops on our valley swing or simply sit and soak up the tranquil sounds of our wildlife, our diverse range of outdoor activities will help reconnect you with nature at a pace that suits you.


Challenge yourself and explore your adventurous side with our adrenaline-boosting activities or explore our stunning grounds.

  • Flying fox: Soar through the air on our exhilarating flying fox.
  • Leap of Faith: Test your limits as you leap from our towering pole.
  • Glow worm walk: Glimpse nature in its element on our spectacular glow worm walk.

Meditative experiences

Quieten your mind and relax your body with our guided meditative experiences.

  • Rainforest meditations: Allow stress to melt away as you listen to the songs of our wildlife.
  • Labyrinth: Escape all distractions and engage in mindfulness with a walk though the Labyrinth.


Part of the magic of Eden Health Retreat is the freedom to design your own stay.

We encourage our guests to create the experience they need and desire according to the unique goals they have for their time with us.

Below is an example of what one of your days at Eden may entail if the purpose of your stay is to reconnect with nature and get in touch with your adventurous side.

05:55Wake up12:00Lunch served
06:15Morning stretch or guided walk13:30Nutrition talk
07:30Breakfast served15:30Afternoon tea
09:00Functional movement / mobility16:00Pilates
10:00Morning tea18:30Dinner served
10:30‘Connect to Nature’19:30Intention setting meditation
Your journey awaits

More experiences for you

At Eden, we believe that personal choice is the foundation of rejuvenation. Your priorities guide how we engineer your experience.

2023 Winner Luxury Spa Award
2023 Winner Luxe Award
2023 Winner Luxury Hotel Award