The Eden Experience

A haven to rejuvenate your mind, nourish your body and form a path to wellness. Tucked away in the Currumbin Valley, we aim to inspire a sense of modest luxury into every aspect of your time with us.

This is the Eden Experience: a time for you, our guest, to learn what you need to restore your health for long-lasting wellness.


A personalised experience


Before arrival, we will chat with you to ensure we assist in aligning to your purpose while enjoying your time at Eden. Our program has multiple options to allow you to craft a unique journey that fulfills your personal health and wellness goals.

Craft a balance

We understand that your needs and desires may change over the course of your stay. Our diverse activities range from thrilling adventure to immersive relaxation, allowing you to take each day at a pace that feels right for you.


Discover our experiences

At Eden, we believe that personal choice is the foundation of rejuvenation. Your priorities guide how we engineer your experience.

If you’re seeking pure relaxation, we have a range of calming activities to leave you feeling refreshed and energised.

For a more health-based approach to your stay, explore our variety of invigorating fitness classes, educational courses and additional therapies.

Encompassing 400 acres of lush green rainforest, we are proud to offer nature at its best and provide you with the ideal environment to relax and detox from the pressures of everyday life.