Eden River Rocks


Our CARE Philosophy

We provide a space to connect to the traditional healing power within nature and assist you to find the path you wish to walk.

Our belief is you already have the answers – you may have simply been looking in another direction. Your time with us will be free of distractions so that you can align with your purpose and feel vibrant and energetic.

Our team of expert health professionals will serve to guide and nourish you; never by force, but always by choice, respecting the power of well-chosen rituals to create a life-changing experience that lasts well beyond your time with us.

Ancient cultures and modern science agree; grounding yourself in mother nature is a pathway to restoration of body, mind and spirit. We provide both the space and the practice for you to do this at Eden or at home.

A life well-lived is one that’s lived with clear intention. Whether it’s pursuing big goals or appreciating the micro-moments, we’ll explore the meaning behind why you do what you do…for this is a cornerstone of your energetic expression.

Taking time for yourself starts with taking time and prioritising well-designed practices (even a good night’s sleep!). Whether it’s the start of our day, or in the twilight, we aim to embed rituals at Eden so you’ll apply these same rituals throughout your life.

Life can be viewed as happening to us or happening for us…it’s one big experience that we can choose to shape. While your time at Eden can be filled with many activities and learnings, it’s all your choice; you get to craft your own experience.

2023 Winner Luxury Spa Award
2023 Winner Luxe Award
2023 Winner Luxury Hotel Award