Deluxe Double

The picture of minimalist luxury


A light and spacious one-bedroom lodge suitable for couples or solo guests.

  • Max. 2 people
  • Beautiful deep-set bath
  • Spacious sitting area
  • Peaceful views of nature
  • Classic style lodge
  • Suited to one couple or those travelling in a pair
3 nights: Single $2,880 | Twin $2,240 per person
4 nights: Single $2,880 | Twin $2,240 per person
7 nights: Single $5,180 | Twin $4,025 per person

Reserve your stay

Reserve your stay with confidence. We offer a generous 100% refund policy and zero fee for reschedule of dates.

Your experience

With busy lives and an environment full of pollutants, it can be difficult to find balance in today’s world. A stay at Eden promises to restore the balance by offering a holistic program specially designed to alleviate stress and maintain optimum health through clean eating, exercise and pampering.

Nourish your physical, spiritual and emotional self at Eden and leave with a sense of clarity, direction, wellbeing and a desire to make positive, permanent changes in your life.

For more information on the Eden experience, click here.

Included in every stay

  • Luxurious accommodation
  • Delicious and nourishing meals
  • Use of all facilities including a fully-equipped gymnasium, tennis courts, sauna, steam room and heated swimming pool
  • Daily wellness classes
  • A variety of activities, from immersive relaxation to thrilling adventure

To complement your Eden experience, we have a world-class range of therapeutic treatments at the Eden Spa available for you to indulge in. For more information, click here.


Stay Packages


7 night stays

Our standard package is a 7 night stay with check in between 2pm and 4pm on Sunday afternoon.

You will be asked to provide your flight or travel details upon confirmation of your booking so that suitable transfers can be organised.



3 and 4 night stays

We welcome guests to experience our 4 and 3 night retreat packages.  Check-in will be between 2pm and 4pm on Sundays and Thursdays respectively.

Click here to see available dates.


Your experience

Eden Health Retreat is the perfect sanctuary for people from all walks of life. 

No matter your gender, age, professional status or lifestyle, Eden has facilities, activities and therapies to suit everyone. 

Many of our guests choose to come on their own and Eden is a rare place that offers an environment which is very comfortable for them to do so.

Our wonderful staff will greet you upon arrival and talk to you about the physical, emotional and spiritual options available throughout your stay.

Eden activities cater to people of all fitness levels and abilities and much of the program is about unwinding and relaxation.

The environment is expansive and some areas are elevated, so you will need to be able to walk up the hill. For most guests though, the beautiful surrounds and the leisurely pace of the valley makes it worth any effort expended.

Of course you should feel free to contact us if you are concerned about your personal fitness level or an injury that may hinder your abilities.

Whilst we encourage and support you to join all activities, it is entirely your choice to participate, watch from the sidelines, enjoy daily treatments or do a little of everything.

As Eden is a sugar, caffeine, alcohol and smoke free environment, you will most likely feel detoxification effects when they are eliminated from your diet.

To reduce the risk of detox symptoms in your first few days with us, we recommend you remove or decrease these substances a few days prior to your arrival, particularly if you regularly consume any of these substances.

You can download our checklist here for a clear guide on what to bring with you.


For six night stays, check in is Sunday afternoon between 1pm and 3pm. You will be asked to provide your flight or travel details upon confirmation of your booking so that suitable transfers can be organised. 

Check out on Saturday by Midday

For our three night stays, check-in will be on a Sunday or Wednesday between 1pm and 3pm. We will ensure all relevant information is provided to you upon booking.


Check in for 7 night and 4 night stays is between 2pm and 4pm, on Sundays. For 3 nights stays, please check in between 2pm and 4pm on Thursdays.

Rooms are required to be vacated by 10am, and departure undertaken before 12pm.

We encourage you to disconnect from technology and take a complete break from the outside world. This will allow you to get the full Eden experience and focus completely on yourself and your wellbeing.

As there is no wireless reception in our beautiful valley, we are happy to say that you will not receive a signal or mobile connection, so you can enjoy the digital detox!

We understand some guests do need to touch base with loved ones and work. Therefore, we provide access to landlines and some limited use of Internet on our guest computers when necessary. If refraining from technology could pose a genuine problem for you during your stay, please contact reservations on (07) 5533 0333.

Please note Eden Health Retreat is not a rehabilitation centre. Our staff are not trained nor qualified to treat or accommodate persons who require prescribed rehabilitation treatment.