Our CARE Philosophy

Our Eden Philosophy is woven through every experience at Eden. It’s in everything we do – whether it’s caring for our guests, preparing food, readying rooms, the treatments you receive and the activities you participate in. 

Our Philosophy Statement

We provide a space to connect to the traditional healing power within nature and assist you to find the path you wish to walk.

Our belief is you already have the answers – you may have simply been looking in another direction. Your time with us will be free of distractions so that you can align with your purpose and feel vibrant and energetic.

Our team of expert health professionals will serve to guide and nourish you; never by force, but always by choice, respecting the power of well-chosen rituals to create a life-changing experience that lasts well beyond your time with us.

This philosophy is a belief and way of being which we have adopted after more than 36 years of serving guests. While this is our guiding intent, it’s one that you are welcome to take forward with you after you leave the beautiful grounds of Eden and return home. To include some CARE into your life every day.

Our Eden

If you’ve recently visited Eden or read one of our latest newsletters, you may have noticed that we’ve given Eden a great big makeover. We’re back doing what we do best – giving guests the experience of their lives. Yes, we have new buildings, but Eden will always remain the same. There’s one thing that hasn’t – and will never – change. The way we care. About you, our guests. Our staff. And the land we are so lucky to reside upon. 


Originally home to the Yugambeh people, we pay our respects to the original custodians of the land. We know how lucky we are to introduce our guests to the magic of Eden – not just in what we do here, but the land and its healing energy. We ask you to also pay your respects to the original owners of this land and enjoy the surrounding beauty here, created so perfectly by nature. The Yugambeh people are connected to jagun (country) and everything on it – the plants and animals, the mountains and valleys, the rivers and ocean. Take some time to walk the grounds when you’re here and revel in nature (an easy practice to repeat at home and exploring your own neighbourhood). 

It’s agreed – by Mother Nature and modern science – grounding yourself in the great outdoors is the ideal way to help restore the mind, body and spirit. At Eden, amongst our 400 acres of land and rainforest, we provide the space and the practice for you to do this. We hope that you continue to explore the beautiful biophilia near your own home  after your visit with us. 

We acknowledge and pay respect to the land and the traditional families of the Yugambeh region of South East Queensland and their Elders past present and emerging.


A stay at Eden isn’t just about eating better food and exercising more. It’s about taking time out of your busy life to take stock. To ask yourself whether you are living a life of integrity. A life well-lived is one that is lived with clear intention. Whether it’s pursuing big goals or appreciating the micro-moments, we’ll explore the meaning behind why you do what you do… for this is a cornerstone of your energetic expression. One of the questions we ask our guests at the beginning of their visit is whether or not they have discovered their purpose. This isn’t necessarily about your work, but knowing and following what makes you happy – whether it’s in your job, your relationships and social life.


Life’s little rituals can change an ordinary day into an extraordinary one. Too often we aim high, without realising that it’s the little things that can make a big difference. Taking time for yourself starts with taking the space and prioritising well-designed practices. 

Perhaps there was something that you picked up during your time at Eden that can become a part of your daily routine. Whether it’s starting your day with positive affirmations, walking outside for 10 minutes every lunchtime, taking time to drink tea from your favourite cup, or even just self-care Sunday. Taking the time to respect your authentic self by treating it well can make all the difference to your health and happiness. 


Life can be viewed as happening to us or happening for us – it’s one big experience that we can choose to shape. While your time at Eden can be filled with many activities and learnings, it’s all your choice; you get to craft your own experience to ensure you get the most out of your stay with us. 

At Eden, we encourage our guests to take the lead on their experience at Eden – whether it’s yoga, Pilates or trying the flying fox. Being, and staying open to new experiences – whether it’s at Eden or at home – is a great way to maintain control over your life. Because control isn’t necessarily a negative act – it’s about being the master of your own destiny and journey. With a little help along the way from us of course. 

Take some time today and remember to CARE: it’s at the heart of who we all are. Instil some CARE into your life today and make your health and happiness a priority.