60 Minutes

Hello! Did you catch Eden Health Retreat in all its glory in this week’s 60 Minutes? We were extremely flattered to be included in the line-up of recognised experts in the health and wellness industry and welcomed the opportunity to lend our voice amongst the – sometimes confusing – noise around what it means to be happy and healthy. 

It may be difficult to believe, but the 60 Minutes team recorded hours of footage during their time here. This included an extensive interview with me, Shona Philps, as the General Manger, a sound bowl session with Gabriella Loureiro, an early morning yoga session led by Lauren Kelly, a breathing class with Rich Muir and some brain training with Ellice Di Giovanni. For those of you who have visited us here at Eden, you will know the restorative powers and enormous experience the team at Eden has to share. We were thrilled to share a glimpse of this experience with the viewers, and team of 60 Minutes. 

However, as not everything could be included in the segment, we wanted to take the time to revisit the topic of health and wellness, and what it means to us here at Eden. For everyone here at Eden Health Retreat, wellness is a long game. There is no quick fix, or magic pill that will make you happy. This truth may not sell products or create clicks, but for those of you who know our purpose at Eden, know that we offer simple, accessible solutions for good health to all of our guests. 

These solutions include ways to achieve and maintain regular, restorative rest. The importance of good sleep cannot be underestimated. I know just how much healthier, happier and more energetic I feel after a solid seven hours sleep. (I also know how lethargic and unmotivated I can feel when I allow stress or worries to affect my nightly routine). Remember to take the time to implement good sleep habits into your evening routine, by removing electronic devices, avoiding alcohol and heavy meals at least three hours before bedtime and taking the time to stretch and practice your slow, diaphragmatic breathing. 

There’s no such thing as a fad diet that works. I am a huge believer in enjoying my meals. While we are what we eat, it doesn’t mean that we need to be boring (in meals, or in life!). As many of you know – our menu at Eden is mouth-wateringly delicious, with organic, wholefoods prepared for our guests to encourage a new, healthier and mindful way of eating. In fact, the 60 Minutes team were pleasantly surprised by just how filling and delicious the meals were! I encourage you to revisit, the elements of the meals you enjoyed here at Eden and incorporate them once more into your weekly menu. If you’re stuck for inspiration, don’t forget we have a free downloadable recipe book for you to enjoy on the website. 

Guests at Eden are often amazed by just how much physical activity they manage to pack into each day. Regular movement is a must for good health – for our minds as well as our body. As Tom, the 60 Minutes reporter experienced, movement can come in all forms – whether it’s a calming yoga class, a gentle stroll (yes, even he complained about the famous Eden hill!) or pushing yourself to overcome a fear through an activity such as our flying fox (Tom had to experience this activity twice to ensure they captured it on film!). 

We are extremely fortunate enough to be celebrating 40 years of Eden this year. During this time, we have seen health fads come and go. What has stuck is what works. And that is: good food, good sleep, regular movement and time spent in nature. 

I’d love to hear what you thought about the program. We hope that you enjoyed seeing the splendour of Eden on your screen and look forward to welcoming you back here in real life once more very soon.

In case you missed it, you can watch the episode on Catch Up here

With good health,