Manifestation: Making Your Goals a Reality

Most of us see the New Year as a turning point, a pivotal moment of motivation to reevaluate what we truly value and align our trajectory for the year accordingly. As cliché as the saying may be, the ‘new year, new me’ mindset isn’t without merit. The year coming to an end can be seen as one door closing and another one opening, bringing with it a fresh sense of inspiration and motivation. 

However, a common mistake that people make is randomly channelling this rush of motivation into fantastical goals that lack a clear foundation and vision for success. It’s no wonder that most give these up before the second month of the year even begins!

If you have high hopes and expectations for 2022, what you do now will have a huge impact on how you track towards your goals. One way in which you can set yourself up for success is by learning how to manifest the reality you’re striving for.

What is manifesting?

Manifestation is the notion that our desires can be brought to life through our thinking and our beliefs through the law of attraction, which follows three key steps: ask, believe and receive. Essentially, the energy you project to the universe will be reciprocated; what you believe will come true. 

However, it’s not just belief alone that will give you success – but it will reinforce the actions you take to step closer to your goals.

Tips to get started

Set clear goals

In order to practice manifesting effectively, it’s essential to have clarity on what you actually want to achieve. The more detail you can give, the clearer your path to success will be. For example, if your goal is to eat healthier, narrow down what this may actually mean in practice. It may be that you strive to prepare homemade meals throughout the week or keep desserts to weekends only. 

Keep your expectations realistic

Acknowledge that change will not occur overnight. Having big-picture goals is important for guidance, however, setting smaller and more achievable objectives will help keep you on track, and the sense of accomplishment from achieving them will help keep your motivation levels consistent.

Evaluate and extinguish your limiting beliefs

Limiting beliefs are thoughts that you believe to be absolute truths and hold you back in some way. Fear and negative self-talk are major culprits for this. For example, thinking that bad things always happen to you or that you never do anything right are limiting beliefs. This can easily become a natural perspective and may require a conscious effort to change. 

One way in which you can do this is by catching yourself whenever these thoughts cross your mind and noting them down straight away. This is a valuable tool for self-awareness and exploring these thoughts on paper gives you the opportunity to counteract them and let them go, rather than allowing them to embed into your conscience.  

Manifestation techniques 

There are many ways to practice manifestation, which allows you to try different methods and find the one that resonates best with you. Below are four common techniques that you can begin experimenting with:

Keep an intention journal

Journalling is an excellent way to bring your thoughts and intentions to life, making them visual, and creating a tangible way to hold yourself accountable. When using this technique for manifesting your desires, there are a number of ways you can do so. One popular template is the 369 method. This involves writing a daily manifestation three times when you wake up, six times at midday, and nine times before you go to sleep. This is an extremely quick and easy way to get started with manifestation.

Create a vision board

Whether it’s first thing in the morning or your final thoughts before falling asleep at night, take some moments when you feel most calm and in control to visualise each of your goals and truly connect with the sensation you imagine you would feel once you achieve them. 

Write a letter from your future self

Visualise what you truly desire and the place you ultimately want to be in life – regarding work, relationships, money, or love, for example – and then imagine that you have already achieved everything you set out to. What would you say to yourself now? What advice would you give? Take some time to reflect and then put pen to paper. Tell yourself what you have achieved and how you feel. This can be written from one year in the future or 10 – the choice is up to you.

Grant yourself the permission you seek

An underlying factor of whether or not you practice manifestation effectively is whether or not you feel permitted to achieve success. Throughout our entire lives, we almost always have someone to answer to or look to for approval – a parent, teacher, manager, or boss. It’s common for it to be buried in our subconscious that in adult life we still need the nod of approval to succeed. However, the reality is that any authority figure in your life cannot grant this permission – only you can. 

The following affirmations can help start shifting your thinking to one of open-mindedness and acceptance:

I allow myself to embody my true self.

It’s safe for me to express my authentic self.​

I am open to receiving and deserve everything that the universe has to offer me.

The power is entirely within your hands to make 2022 a year of success, and mastering manifestation will provide you with the foundation to begin the year strong and remain consistently focused on what you wish to achieve. 

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