Why nutrient-dense foods deserve a place on your plate

At Eden Health Retreat, we are passionate about serving dishes that not only taste incredible but also give your body the sustenance it needs to thrive. Our meals are carefully crafted with a focus on fresh, locally sourced ingredients, ensuring every bite contains flavour and nourishment.

By using the absolute best ingredients and carefully combining them, we ensure that each and every meal you enjoy at Eden has health- and mood-boosting properties, which help to reset your digestion and enable you to enjoy the many activities you’ll participate in during your time with us.

These foods are the superheroes of nutrition, packed with an abundance of essential vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients. These powerful ingredients give your body the fuel it craves to function at its best. 

Research shows that in Australia, the majority of diet-related health problems are associated with an inadequate intake of nutrient-dense food. To make a concerted effort to increase your intake of nutrient-dense foods, include the following in your daily meals: a variety of vegetables, seaweed, shellfish, potatoes, garlic, legumes/beans, salmon, sardines, eggs, fruit (especially berries), and wholegrain cereals.

By enjoying a wide range of these nutritious foods, you will be taking charge of your good health and wellbeing while helping to protect against future chronic diseases.

Your day on a plate

Ever wondered how to start your day with a nutrient-packed breakfast? Look no further than Eden’s famous Breakfast Power Bowl. Filled with creamy coconut pudding with stewed seasonal fruit, this breakfast bowl is a celebration of flavours and nutrients in every spoonful. 

Lunchtime is a time to rest and revitalise your body and mind. If you work in an office or at a desk, take the time to move to another environment – ideally outdoors or somewhere with a view. Enjoy your meal while resting your eyes on a landscape further away. Our Warm Pumpkin and Quinoa Salad with Tahini Yoghurt is a wonderful lunchtime meal and can be prepared the night before or with your leftover roast veg. It contains nutty quinoa, roasted veggies, and a zesty citrus dressing, which come together in a symphony of textures and tastes.

For dinner, treat yourself to our Hot and Sour Pineapple Fish Curry. Not only is this dish a feast for the eyes, but it is also a nutritional powerhouse. With omega-3 fatty acids from the salmon and a dose of antioxidants from the herbs, this meal is a true health booster.

Eden’s Food Philosophy

Eating well, and eating often, is our mantra at Eden. And enjoying each meal, whether it is a main meal or a snack on the run, is essential when it comes to choosing nutritious food. When planning your meals, ensure you include the foods you love, whether it is chocolate, fresh fruit, nuts, or choice cuts of meat. Not only will you look forward to sitting down to dine – but your body and mind will be much happier for it.

A Taste of Eden: Recipes to Try at Home

Are you eager to recreate some of Eden’s culinary wonders in your own kitchen? We are delighted to share a few recipes from our recipe book, “A Taste of Eden.” Just visit Eden’s website and download the recipe book here.

The good news? Dark chocolate is considered a nutrient-dense ingredient, so why not make some of our favourite power protein balls? These are a favourite in the Eden offices and a wonderful way to boost your daily protein intake while satisfying your sweet tooth.

Enjoy meal planning for a week of wellness and nutrient-dense eating. Take the time to enjoy your meals, by chewing each bite thoroughly. Eating well and enjoying organic, wholesome ingredients is a key step in your health journey.

Chocolate and Macadamia Protein Balls  

If you pop into the Eden office mid-morning, you will more than likely find us snacking on these mouth-watering protein balls. They are a wonderful way to tide you over until lunchtime, plus the nutrient dense ingredients mean you’re doing your body some good.


If you are enjoying a protein ball as your morning tea, why not pop the kettle on for a warming drink? While you are waiting for the water to boil, take the time to pay attention to your breathing, slowing it down for some deep, calming breaths. It only takes a few moments to reset your nervous system, so take these windows of opportunity when and where you can.

Makes ten balls  

10 Medjool dates  

½ cup macadamia nuts  

½ cup shredded coconut 

1 tbsp chia seeds 

1 tbsp coconut oil 

2 tbsp tahini  

2 tbsp cocoa powder 

2 tbsp vanilla protein powder 

¼ cup toasted pepitas  

¼ cup dried cranberries  

¼ cup shredded coconut 


Attach the standard chopping blade to the food processor. Add macadamia nuts, ½ cup shredded coconut and chia seeds and pulse until ingredients are mixed and nuts are roughly chopped. Remove seeds from the dates and add to food processor with coconut oil, tahini, cocoa, and protein powder. Process until the mixture comes together like a thick dough. Place mixture in a bowl and stir in pumpkin seeds and dried cranberries. Divide the dough evenly into ten rolled balls. Roll each ball in shredded coconut to coat the outside. Place balls on a baking tray and refrigerate until needed.