Our Food Philosophy at Eden

Food is a core component of the restorative and healing experience at Eden. Our goal is to help you heal from within by feeding your body wholesome, nourishing food that’s full of the goodness you need for your wellbeing to thrive. This is manifested in our food philosophy consisting of four core pillars: Nurture, Nourish, Inspire, and Educate. We strive to provide this through our life-changing food experience using the power of whole foods, teamwork and exceptional customer service.

Below, our talented kitchen team explain the foundation of each of these components of our food philosophy and how they intertwine to create the exceptional dining experience that we are proud to serve our guests.


The minute our guests walk into our dining room, we want them to feel a sense of comfort and warmth. Our team invests their nurturing energy into every element of the dining experience to ensure our guests feel looked after. 


With everything from sourcing the highest quality ingredients to our preparation methods, we have the health and wellbeing of our guests at the forefront of our minds. We believe every meal should not only taste and look amazing but most importantly be 100% nutrient-dense.


Whether it be our creative integration of seasonal whole foods or our beautifully presented meals, we want to inspire our guests to live healthier and happier lives through the power of nutrition and honest food. Our menu provides a wide variety of nutritious ingredients and flavour combinations to showcase the endless possibilities of healthy eating!


We believe that learning and understanding your relationship with food is vital to optimum health. Our interactive workshops, nutrition talks and cooking classes provide our guests with practical tools to take away and implement into their everyday lives.

At the core of everything we do, we care about our guests and use our skill set and expertise to support their minds, bodies and souls to ensure they leave Eden feeling healthier and happier.

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