Six Ways to Live More Sustainably

If you’ve been following our wellness hub for a while now, you’ll know that a balanced and holistic approach to health is a core value of ours and one we preach highly. However, today we want to shed light on another aspect of health in honour of this year’s World Health Day theme: Our planet, Our health. 


The health of our planet is an ever-present responsibility. Even though we may not see the immediate effects of our current lifestyle habits and the effects on the environment, it’s never too late to make some positive changes. We owe it to the wellbeing and longevity of future generations to consider how our way of living now is affecting the planet. 


Each small action we take towards reducing our use of natural resources helps to make a difference. If this is something you are yet to apply in your life, today is the perfect opportunity to do so! 


Below, we share six simple changes you can make to help you live more sustainably and contribute to a healthier state of our earth.


6 simple and sustainable practices


Think before you buy


Over-consumption is a huge contributor to the dwindling health of our planet: from the extraction of resources, to the power needed for production, to the distance goods need to travel to reach your household, only to inevitably become waste and contribute to the overflow of landfills. Pausing before purchasing can be a hugely effective way to minimise our impact on the planet. Identifying what we truly need – as opposed to what we want (or are misled to believe we need) – can help you save money and live in a more environmentally-friendly way.


Eat locally-grown produce


Doing your grocery shop at local stores or markets helps support local farmers, reduces the distance your food has to travel from farm to plate and is often packaged with much less plastic than large chain supermarkets. Alternatively, you could also start growing your own food!


Consider pre-loved goods


Whether it’s furniture, technology or clothing, buying second-hand items helps reduce carbon emissions, the use of natural resources, waste, pollution and more. This small change to your shopping habits is a win-win: you’ll help save the environment – and money – at the same time. 


Support eco-friendly brands


When you do buy new items, consider who you’re buying from. Support businesses that manufacture their goods sustainably, with minimal impact on the environment and who are doing their part to support initiatives directed at saving the health of our planet.


Start a compost


This is one of the most effective ways to reduce the trash in landfills. Many landfills are overflowing, however, about one-third of landfill materials could be composted. Plus, composting provides a wonderful natural fertiliser alternative, as opposed to chemical fertilisers sold in stores.


Make simple switches


There are many household items that we use every day that are harmful to our environment, without many of us realising their negative effects. For example, liquid soap contributes to our consumption of plastic and adds to landfills. A simple way to amend this is by switching to bar soap, which is often packaged in a paper wrapper or in biodegradable packaging. Paper towels are another common item that we reach for without thinking twice, but their convenience comes at a cost to our trees and the earth in general. Instead, opt for towels, cloths and sponges.


How we practice sustainability at Eden


At Eden Health Retreat, we practice what we preach. Sustainability is something we are mindful of in all aspects of our retreat. 


Our most recent additions to the retreat – the Cascade Lodges, Premier Suites and Premier Single accommodation styles – have all been eco-sensitively built and furnished with environmentally-friendly decor and amenities. 


We collect a large amount of solar power on the property to meet the demands of our high use areas including the gym, treatment rooms and pool facilities, whilst reducing our carbon footprint. 


Our chef sources primarily organic ingredients within a 200km radius, which helps to keep our food kilometres to a minimum. Our seafood is also responsibly sourced. As we continue with our renovations, we plan to increase the amount of food grown within the retreat.


All of our single-use products across the property are made from sustainably sourced bioproducts that are fully biodegradable and compostable. We encourage our guests to minimise the use of these products during their stay and provide resources to ensure this is possible.


These are just some examples of how our values for sustainability inspire our practices and your retreat experience at Eden. If you would like to learn more about our eco-friendly initiatives, click here.


We hope this inspires you to take small steps for a healthier you and a healthier planet. Remember, every small change counts. Together, we can transform the health of the earth.