Improve your relationship with food at Eden

Eating and enjoying delicious, nourishing food is an experience to be savoured at Eden Health Retreat. Our chefs have classical training and bring their specialised techniques to the whole food philosophy and dishes we prepare and serve here.

Our chefs use local, organic ingredients in all the dishes they prepare. We believe seasonal cooking, and eating, is the basis of a good and balanced diet. This is why we make a conscious effort to source all produce from local and organic farms. All of Eden’s suppliers deal directly with sustainable farms to ensure that our menu is nutrient dense and filled with goodness! 

Our dishes are bursting with flavours and fresh spices, herbs and basic oils – avoiding the use of processed ingredients. We aim to teach guests how to incorporate a healthy food regime into their daily life in a simple and straightforward way.  

Benefits of eating seasonally, organically and locally:

  • It’s better for you to digest: Organic produce is grown with natural fertilisers, as opposed to synthetic or chemical soils. Often it’s also fresher as it doesn’t contain preservatives to make the food last longer than it should.
  • It’s kinder to animals: livestock are fed with hormone-free and organic feed, and have access to the outdoors.
  • It supports local business: when eating locally, money goes directly to the farmer rather than marketing and distribution.

Our guests enjoy nourishing and delicious organic and locally sourced meals for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks every day. Come and tantalise your senses and experience Eden for yourself. We look forward to having you.