Summer superfoods for a healthier you

Summer is well and truly on its way, and with it comes an abundance of superfoods bursting with goodness. Read on to learn more about how to incorporate seasonal ingredients into your eating plan.

At Eden, our focus is on eating well by including as many seasonal ingredients into our servings each day as possible. Seasonal eating is also more sustainable and healthier, as local, seasonal produce has less distance to travel, meaning it is fresher and therefore contains more nutrients. 

Eden’s executive chef Ash Martins says: “My philosophy is all about celebrating the seasons and using local ingredients to create dishes that are not only delicious, but also good for you.”

For more inspiration, download Eden’s Taste of Eden cookbook here. You will find recipes to suit all tastes, and they are incredibly simple to prepare.

Our favourite summer superfoods 

We asked the talented team in Eden’s kitchen for their favourite summer superfoods and how they like to enjoy them.


Whether you slice it, juice it, add it to salads or even barbecue it, watermelon packs a powerful nutritional punch. Its high-water content is ideal for hot summer days and helps to keep you cool and hydrated. It is ideal for good skin health too – the antioxidants, vitamin C and beta-carotene support glowing summer skin and can help contribute to a strong immune system. 

How to enjoy: Add watermelon to a salad of rocket, nuts, avocado and tomatoes for a delicious day time treat.


Strawberries, blueberries or raspberries – these powerhouses are in their prime during the summer months. Bursting with antioxidants that combat oxidative stress and inflammation, they are a must-have in your fridge this summer. Whether you toss them into your morning yogurt or snack on them throughout the day, berries make a sweet and nutritious addition to your diet.

How to enjoy: If you are tempted to reach for sugar in the afternoons, enjoy some berries instead. They are the perfect way to satisfy that sweet craving.


These little balls of sunshine perfectly capture the goodness of summer and are packed with lycopene, a potent antioxidant linked to heart health and cancer prevention. 

How to enjoy: Add all types of tomatoes to your salads, sandwiches or as a base for a refreshing gazpacho. Make your own pizza toppings from fresh tomatoes or sauce for your Italian dishes.

Leafy greens

There is no such thing as a ‘boring salad’ when there are so many different leafy greens you can use. We love spinach, kale or arugula and extensively use them as a salad base at Eden. 

Each ingredient is a hero in its own plate – bringing texture, pepper or crunch to your dish. Leafy greens are rich in vitamins and minerals. Best of all, they are packed with fibre, which can help you to feel fuller for longer.

If you are worried you’re not getting enough leafy greens in your diet, try preparing a salad for the dinner table for everyone to enjoy. Add some tomatoes, nuts and other summer veg for variety. Plus, studies show that if you include a salad with your meals or enjoy it as a first course, you will feel fuller for longer and be less likely to overeat.

How to enjoy: Add green leaves to your salads, smoothies or even a quick sauté with garlic and olive oil.


Crisp cucumbers are a summer staple. With their high-water content and crunchy texture, they are a must for snacks, salads or smoothies.

How to enjoy: If you struggle with drinking enough water, try adding some thin slices of cucumber to either still or sparkling. You will feel as though you are back in Eden’s beautiful surroundings.


Is there anything better than enjoying a fresh, ripe mango on a summer’s day, juice dripping down your arms, while the sun shines down? Eating fresh mangoes, pineapples and papayas is not only one of the best parts of summertime, but they are also brimming with vitamins and fibre. 

How to enjoy: Add to smoothies or freeze in ice block molds for the kids to savour. Mango is a beautiful accompaniment to seafood, too.

Incorporating these summer superfoods into your diet can help you stay nourished, refreshed and full of energy. You will feel – and look – much better by adding as many seasonal ingredients as possible to your meals, giving you the energy you need to enjoy the beautiful weather.

So, go ahead, indulge in the goodness of summer and let nature’s bounty be your guide to wellness.

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