The changing definition of spoiling yourself

We all remember when spoiling ourselves involved gigantic slabs of chocolate and too many bottles of pinot noir… In fact let’s be honest, we probably don’t need to remember too far back!

But there has been a noticeable sea change over the past decade as more of us move towards healthier rewards systems and crave a different kind of buzz. Practices like yoga, meditation and massage have crept into our everyday vernacular and now we’re spoiling ourselves in incredible ways and feeling amazing too.

It’s just a simple fact of life that as we each head towards the business end of our 20’s (whenever that may be or have been for you), it becomes harder to bounce back. It’s a struggle to maintain a healthy lifestyle while existing in a hedonistic one… and that’s not even mentioning the hangovers.

Instead we’re spending more on travel, more on healthy organic food options and more on exploring fitness and lifestyle options for our bodies and our minds.

So, let’s have a quick glance at some of the little (and large) ways we can treat ourselves and feel great.

1/ A visit to T2.

If you visit Westfield and you don’t go into T2… Have you really visited Westfield at all?

Just thinking about T2’s flavours, smells, teawares, teapots, tea, cups, tea mugs, teabags, teaspoons puts us in a good mood and simply mucking about among the tea infusers and the hundreds of different flavours is a delightful way to while away an hour.

Would it be going too far to compare a trip to T2 to Sophie discovering Dream Country in Roald Dahl’s, BFG? Well, yes it probably would be, but we do love it!

Some people like the food court, or the bookstore but our favourite shopping treat is Tea Country.

2/ Start a Gratitude Journal.

The social psychological and physiological benefits of being thankful are now (thankfully) undeniable. But how do we do something tangible that helps improve our mental health and motivates us to live happily and with positivity?

Well, you could start a Gratitude Journal. This may not sound like a wonderful treat at first glance but it’s a slow burner. Journaling helps you clarify your thoughts and feelings, reduces stress and even helps you know yourself better.

And once you break into the habit of remembering the positive parts of your life, or at least looking at your life through a lens of gratitude and thankfulness, you might find your hooked.

Buy a journal that looks and feels great to you and block out time each day where you can sit, think and record your experiences in a way that is true to you.

3/ Yoga Session.

The true treat we discover when we practice yoga is the sense of balance it gives us. You can step out of the real world for an hour and absolutely know that what you are doing is great for your body and your mind. And when you step back out onto the street after your favourite yoga practice, is there any other time of the day when you feel better or more refreshed?

That bottle of pinot noir has a lot of effects on you both mentally and physically and we can admit that some of those effects can be enjoyable and relaxing for a time. But it’s borrowed time and at some stage it has to be paid back in full with nausea, dehydration and anxiety.

Yoga, on the other hand fulfills all the same requirements of enjoyment and relaxation. It returns to you space, time and a feeling of control. You feel sharper, more alert and happier than before you stepped onto the mat.

If you have never tried yoga before, connect with a practice and feel the difference.


4/ Walking.

If you live in the city, sometimes walking can become a forgotten art. But just walking with no particular destination or striding out with purpose can be one of the most relaxing things that we can do for ourselves.

Reasonably low impact and a great way to relieve many types of back pain, the humble walk has taken a back seat to jogging and cycling recently, but we think it is overdue a revival.

And if you find the simple act of walking a little pedestrian (sorry), a pair of headphones and an audiobook will have you taking the long way round while you watch the world pass you by and rediscover the lost art of the promenade.

5/ Health Retreat.

The pinnacle of spoiling yourself…

Spending a week focusing on your health and wellbeing is without doubt the ultimate treat with the most positive outcomes.

A retreat combines travel, yoga and massage therapies, as well as creating a space where you are free to relax, recharge and reset… And you can drink tea, go for long walks and write in your gratitude journal.

Simply finding a sanctuary away from the hustle of the modern world for a week or two can make all the difference and by choosing a smoke-free and alcohol free retreat, you can live slowly and take time to heal in peace and serenity.