A Health Retreat Experience for Couples: The Ultimate Destination for Romance and Relaxation

A private getaway is the perfect opportunity for couples to unwind and share a life-changing experience. As we get swept away in the hustle and bustle of our daily lives, it can be all too easy to lose sight of your needs, let alone the needs and desires of your partner. If you’re searching for the perfect destination to whisk away your significant other, a health retreat may be the perfect solution.

More than a holiday, a health retreat provides a holistic experience and a serene environment for true relaxation. Without the bells and whistles of a vacation, a break at a health retreat strips away distractions – allowing you and your partner to spend true quality time together. Below are a few reasons why you should consider treating you and your partner to a stay at a health retreat.


Take the time to wholeheartedly focus on each other

Even when you’re living with someone, you might find that you barely spend any quality time together. Between going to work, exercising, and finding time for outside hobbies and commitments, sometimes you might feel as though you’ve barely even seen your partner, even if they sleep right beside you. And the never-ending distractions of work, family demands and technology (just to name a few) are not always left behind when you go on vacation.

A health retreat is the perfect escape for couples who want to reconnect without having your time and energy diverted. This is a chance to completely press pause on your everyday life and focus wholeheartedly on your partner and your relationship. 



Enjoy a range of activities, both together and apart

Health retreats offer a range of activities at your doorstep to suit both of your interests. At Eden Health Retreat, we specialise in customising our programs to provide an experience that is equally enriching for all of our guests, recognising the unique goals and desires of each person visiting us. This means that we will create an experience suited to you as individuals and as a couple.

If you and your partner like to travel at a different pace, you can both enjoy activities suited to your interests. We can balance your program to ensure that you have time for your own personal enjoyment, as well as experiences together to bring you closer.

Enjoy a gym class or a yoga session, then come together to share a new experience such as our thrilling flying fox. Ramp up the romance by indulging in our world-class spa treatments or enjoy some alone time on a private stroll through our stunning grounds. Or hide away completely in one of our luxurious lodges and embrace the stunning scenery of the Currumbin Valley – it’s completely up to you!


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Strengthen your relationship

At a health retreat, you will have access to professional consultations to address or discover any areas of your relationship that you could improve on. This can be immensely insightful and valuable no matter what stage or condition your relationship is in. 

At Eden Health Retreat, our incredible life coaches can sit with you and your partner for an open discussion about your relationship and provide you with guidance and tools to take away from your stay to help bring you even closer together.


Meet like-minded couples

Staying at a health retreat will also grant you and your partner the opportunity to mingle with couples similar to yourselves. At Eden Health Retreat, we welcome a diverse range of guests all with similar goals: to press pause, reset, and better themselves in some way. We nurture a dynamic social environment in which you will be able to meet and learn from others whom you may not ordinarily cross paths with and have the potential to make life-long friendships. 



Enjoy luxury dining for every meal

Last but certainly not least, all your meals are catered for. Guests at Eden dine on our exquisite menu crafted by our talented Head of Nutrition using fresh, locally sourced seasonal ingredients. Treat your tastebuds to a delicious selection of meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner with not a single thought toward groceries or cooking for your entire stay. Not only are our meals divine both in presentation and taste but they are also clean and nutritious, which will leave you both feeling satisfied and energised throughout your time with us. 



As Valentine’s Day approaches and you may be thinking about treating your partner, a stay at a health retreat may be exactly what you both need to unwind, reconnect and enhance your relationship. If you would like to know more about the incredible experience that a health retreat offers, click here to read our article 10 Reasons Why You Should Spend Your Vacation At A Health Retreat.

 If you’re ready to visit us, click here to discover our luxury lodges or click below to enquire and a member from our team will be in touch to discuss details about how we can tailor your stay to suit you and your partner.