Experience a blissful babymoon at a health retreat

With a little one on the way, it’s important to spend some quality time with your partner and reflect on your self-care and wellbeing during your pregnancy. Our bustling daily lives don’t often grant us this opportunity, so this is the perfect time to take a step back from reality and venture on a babymoon with your significant other.

Much like a honeymoon, a babymoon is a vacation to celebrate this new milestone in your life and take some time to press pause and recharge before everything changes. This is a sacred time for you to break away from the distractions of everyday life and tune in to your mind, body and relationship. Not only is this an opportunity to relax and enjoy the moment, but a babymoon also gives you the chance to prepare for the future and welcome the arrival of your new baby feeling more calm, refreshed and deeply connected to your partner.

Your experience – whether it’s as restful and restorative as you desire – depends largely on your destination. A health retreat is the perfect place for you and your partner to share a stay that not only allows you to unwind and escape your routine, but also to learn how to instil daily habits and rituals beyond your stay for long-lasting wellness. Here are a few reasons why a health retreat is the perfect destination for your babymoon.


Your itinerary is planned for you

With the arrival of your little one on the horizon, you already have enough on your plate – no need to add ‘planning a holiday’ to the list! Organising transport, accommodation, restaurant bookings and activities for the day are exciting aspects of planning a holiday, but they can also be time-consuming and exhausting – especially when your body is undergoing such dramatic and demanding changes.

At Eden Health Retreat, we plan each day according to what you wish to achieve from your stay. We will chat with you and work with you to craft a daily agenda suited to how you’re feeling physically and mentally, so you can take each day at your own pace and do exactly as you wish without lifting a finger.


All meals are catered for

Throughout your stay at a health retreat, there is no need to spend time wondering about what or where to eat. Food is an integral part of your journey at a health retreat, with every meal intended to complement your endeavour to experience rejuvenated health and wellbeing.

We’re blessed at Eden to be surrounded by the rural producers and biodynamic farms of South East Queensland and Northern Rivers, so our ingredients are fresh, seasonal and locally sourced. Every day you will be served a wholesome menu of exquisite meals created by our extremely talented team of chefs and nutritionists. Vibrant and bursting with flavour, each meal will nourish you and your little one from within. 


Connect with your partner

One of the greatest benefits of a babymoon is the opportunity to focus on your relationship and reconnect with your partner. Enveloped in the stunning scenery of the Currumbin Valley and away from any and all distractions, Eden is your haven to tune out from everyday life and wholeheartedly turn your attention to each other.

Whether you want to try new experiences, indulge in our relaxing and luxurious spa treatments that are pregnancy safe, or simply spend some alone time together, we have plenty of opportunities for you and your partner to have quality time before the demands of your new baby take priority.

Our kind and passionate resident counsellor is also available to help you work through any uncertainties you may have about the times that lie ahead.


Focus on yourself

Not only is it important to spend quality time with your partner, but it is also vital to take some time for yourself to reflect, relax and take your self-care seriously. 

At Eden, you will have an abundance of time to tune in to how you are feeling and learn how to uplift your wellbeing. Listen to what you need and flow with it, whether it’s a leisurely walk through our scenic rainforest, getting some movement through our variety of active group classes, or simply sitting in peace and soaking in the beautiful scenery of the Currumbin Valley. This is your time to be selfish, so enjoy it!


Long-lasting wellbeing

When your little one enters the world, almost every second of your time will be preoccupied with caring for them, and your own self-care may slip by the wayside. Your pregnancy is an important time to learn how to look after yourself so that it becomes second nature when your schedule is fully booked.

At Eden, our passionate and dedicated team of health and wellness experts will help improve your health and happiness through education, guidance and invigorating experiences that will provide you with the knowledge and tools to take with you when you return to everyday life.


A babymoon is a wonderful opportunity to intentionally destress and foster a strong and healthy relationship before your baby arrives. A health retreat provides the ultimate location to provide a restorative experience that can benefit you and your partner beyond your stay. 

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