Embracing Transformation: A Journey of Personal Growth at Eden Health Retreat

“The secret of change is to focus all of your energy; not on fighting the old, but on building the new.” – Socrates

If you have visited Eden during the past six months, you will have noticed that our retreat is amongst momentous change. Our beautiful Eden, now 40 years young, is travelling through a transition of her own. Like any change, it can be uncomfortable, difficult, and even confronting at times, but we’re sure you’ll agree, the results will be worth it.

What can you expect the next time you visit Eden?

Eden Health Retreat’s stunning vista remains the same: our 380 acres of lush rainforest and its enviable position in Currumbin Valley are the perfect backdrop for the amazing experiences you, and our guests, are witness to. With this canvas, we have merely gilded the lily, with many additions that promise to make your next visit with us even more memorable and life-changing.

Our million-dollar renovations focus on a new wellness space, including cryotherapy & oxygen machines, infrared saunas and six new treatment huts with stunning valley views. These innovative developments have been designed to enhance your journey while at Eden, with many physical and mental health benefits to look forward to.

We have also installed more luxury cabins for you to choose from, with bespoke finishes, fireplaces, reading nooks and sumptuous bathrooms and comfortable beds in which to while away the hours.

We understand that change is uncomfortable, it’s one of our core values here at Eden, as with discomfort comes growth. We appreciate your patience with our vision and have extended the current renovation discount for all stays until the end of August. Our attention remains on building the new and growing Eden’s future  – the future of our guests and our offerings. This means that we are determined to share even more life-changing and enhancing therapies, treatments, and services with you.

In this journal entry, we explore the transformative experiences that await you at Eden Health Retreat and the empowering workshops, coaching, and healing modalities that will guide you along this path of personal growth.

Workshops that Ignite the Inner Flame:

At Eden, we believe that personal growth begins within, with self-discovery. Our thoughtfully curated workshops are designed to ignite the spark within, unravelling layers of self-awareness and unlocking your true potential. Our expert facilitators are here for you, to guide you through a diverse range of workshops, including mindfulness, meditation, yoga, breathwork, and creative and artistic expression.

These workshops offer you space for deep introspection, to learn techniques to quiet the mind, and to cultivate a heightened sense of present-moment awareness. These workshops serve as the foundation for your transformative journey, fostering a connection with your inner self and empowering you to embrace personal growth.

Coaching for Empowered Living:

Complementing the workshops, our skilled staff are dedicated to helping you navigate the path of personal growth with clarity and confidence. Through one-on-one coaching sessions, they provide guidance and support, helping you set intentions, identify limiting beliefs, and develop actionable strategies to overcome challenges. Whether you are seeking clarity in your career, relationships, or personal aspirations, our therapists and treatment facilitators are here to inspire and empower you. With their guidance, you will gain a fresh perspective, build resilience, and unlock the tools needed to embrace positive change in all areas of your life.

Your time at Eden will see you emerge as a transformed individual, empowered with a newfound sense of self and purpose. The combination of workshops, coaching, healing modalities, and immersive experiences, serve as a catalyst for personal growth, allowing you to embrace positive change and live a more vibrant, fulfilling life. Our goal is to empower you with the tools and support you need to embark on an extraordinary journey towards self-discovery and transformation.

Sit with the discomfort

The goal of every workshop and activity at Eden is to help you harness your inner power, to help propel you upon the path of change. Every guest who arrives at Eden leaves a different person: without knowing – or even noticing – you undergo a marvellous transformation during your time with us. Change, however difficult it can be at the time, is always worth it in the end.

During the past six months, as we transform Eden and allow it to emerge into its new, shiny self, we have reminded ourselves of the pain and discomfort that can come with change. As we near the end, we can acknowledge that the periods of discomfort have been worth it. And, as we embrace the cutting-edge treatments and luxurious offerings available, new, unforgettable, and life-enhancing memories will be made.

We look forwarding to welcoming you at Eden Health Retreat and helping you to experience the results of many months of vision, hard work and innovation. We hope that you will agree with us, that it has been worth it