Mumcation – A Healthy Break For Mums To Recharge and Refresh

Are there any harder workers out there than mothers? 

Many of us know just how hard mothers, fathers and carers work on a daily basis to keep the family healthy and happy. We often watch our partners, parents or even ourselves work tirelessly around the clock to provide the best possible care for our children, which can often leave them feeling physically and emotionally drained. But did you know just how little free time mothers get?

A recent study has revealed that the average mum gets an average of just 17 minutes per day to herself. That’s less than an episode of your favourite TV program! For those of us who don’t have any children, it is almost unfathomable. 

In recent times, a new trend has emerged that aims to help mums understand the importance of taking some time for yourself – the Mumcation. This is a brief holiday spent away from the family in order to refresh and recharge away from the daily grind of motherhood.

A Mumcation has been shown to improve mothers’ physical and mental well-being by the simple act of putting yourself first for a change. This in turn has a tremendous positive impact on the rest of the family, which can be very reassuring and help get past the initial guilt of wanting some time for yourself.

It has also been shown that they can be an even better role-model for their children by looking after themselves! Something that is easily forgotten in our busy, modern lives. 

Now that the kids are back to school and the day to day routines are set, it’s time to start looking after the way you’re feeling. After the ever-busy holiday season spent looking after the family, a Mumcation can help you to become the best version of yourself and take a much needed break from the inevitable stresses that come with a busy home life.

Even a short break can make a huge difference and our Eden Short Stay is the perfect opportunity to test the waters for your own Mumcation. Immerse yourself in total luxury and leave feeling refreshed after 3 nights at Edens award winning retreat this April. 

However you choose to spend your own Mumcation, it’s time to let go and treat yourself like someone you love. Eden can reconnect you to a happy, positive mindset, so you can reset and de-stress in the gorgeous natural environs. 

So go on, it’s time for you!