Our Lockdown Wellness Guide

We are thinking of everyone this week as lockdowns continue and new ones begin. We know how challenging these times can be, which is why it’s crucial to purposefully be taking care of our mental and physical health. With much of our movement restricted at this point, this is something we still have power over. 

Creating a routine and committing to it each day is incredibly important to help you remain as calm and balanced as possible through lockdowns. If your regular lifestyle has not allowed you the time to focus on yourself and implement a solid self-care regime, this may be a good time to treat your lockdown as an opportunity to implement some positive changes. While many of you will still be occupied with working from home or homeschooling your children, allocating time for yourself throughout the day should be treated as a priority to charge yourself with positive energy. This will help you face any challenges or stress which may present themselves during your day.

As you are unable to visit us at Eden, we want to bring some moments of Eden to you. Below is a guide to help you improve and maintain your physical and mental wellbeing, all from the comfort and safety of your home. 

Stretch your body

Staying home cuts out a lot of the physical activity that we naturally do throughout the day, which can quickly cause muscles to become tight and achy. Incorporating a stretching routine is especially beneficial to relieve pain and tension by promoting healthy blood flow and oxygen delivery throughout your body. Additionally, honing all of your focus on your physical state is a wonderful way to mentally refresh before the day begins or clear your mind from the day just passed.

Click here to read our journal entry The Benefits Of Adding Stretching To Your Daily Rituals, where our Pilates instructor Fiona shares five gentle stretches.

Eat healthy, nourishing food

Food is the key to almost every aspect of your health, so staying on top of proper nutrition is highly important. Set regular mealtimes for breakfast, lunch and dinner, and ensure that you have some nutritious snacks on hand to keep you energised throughout the day. 

Our beautiful ebook A Taste of Eden contains 25 of our much-loved retreat recipes for every meal of the day (and snacks in-between!) and is an ideal guide to optimal nourishment. Click here to sign up to our newsletter and receive a digital copy for free.

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Incorporate bursts of movement throughout your day

The benefits of physical exercise are well documented. Reduced anxiety, lowered blood pressure, improved brain function, better sleep quality and enhanced physical and mental endurance are just a few of the positive impacts you can experience from moving your body regularly. 

If you lack the time or motivation to practice a full exercise routine, try doing short bursts of activity instead. This practice is known as intermittent exercise and is just as effective as a longer workout. Click here for our intermittent exercise regime to practice in stages throughout your day.

To add an extra layer of intensity, click here to discover the various household items you can use to increase the difficulty of your workout.

Try calming breathing techniques

When the world around us becomes overwhelming, one of the best things we can do is to take a step back and breathe. Although breathing is a function that our body automatically takes care of for us day in and day out, there are a number of breathing techniques that can directly impact our mental state.

We have two amazing resources available for you to learn more about the immense power of breathwork:

Enhancing Your Mental State Through The Power Of Breathing

In this journal entry, our Yoga Instructor Lauren explains the link between our breathing and our mental state. Lauren tells us the best breathing techniques and how to use these to overcome negative emotions. Click here to read now.

International Day Of Yoga: 3 Calming Breathing Techniques

This journal entry serves as a second part to the one above, as Lauren shares three breathing techniques to remain calm and collected. Click here to read now.

At the end of each day, set aside a few moments (half an hour, if you can) to sit and flow through these breathing exercises. Once they become more familiar and natural to you, we suggest setting reminders throughout the day to have a 10-minute break, and just breathe. This will declutter your mind and help you stay calm, allowing you to approach your next task with clarity. 

Practice mindful meditation

Meditation allows us to tune into our mind and body, notice any internal imbalances, and give us a temporary escape from life. It gives us a chance to cleanse our minds of the worries and distractions that may be weighing down our conscience. This is a wonderful opportunity to practice your breathing techniques. If you struggle to remain grounded and keep your mind clear, click here to listen to the natural songs of our beautiful rainforest and mentally transport yourself to the tranquillity of Eden.

Additional tips to help you plan an ‘Eden’ day

  • Spend time in nature. Go for a walk, or even sit outside for 10 minutes. The fresh air and sunshine can do wonders for your state of mind. 
  • Set daily goals and stay disciplined. Whether you go for a 5km run, practice meditation, or cook a healthy lunch: no matter the size of your goals, achieving them will make you feel so much more accomplished and satisfied at the end of each day.
  • Do what you must to keep your motivation alive. Tell a loved one your goals to stay accountable, set incentives for yourself when you achieve what you have set out to, or play music that invigorates you. 
  • Reach out to friends, family and loved ones. Start the conversation, ask if they are ok, and remind each other that you are not alone. For those of you who are not in lockdown, remember to stay in touch with your loved ones who are.

Try to process each day as it comes and stay as present as possible. If there’s a way we can help inspire you and help make lockdown more manageable, we always welcome suggestions. We’re all in this together.