Unplug and recharge with a digital detox

Did you know that on average, a person spends almost five hours a day on their digital devices? 

Like you, there are days or periods when we spend too much time looking at our screens, rather than looking up at the wonders that are around us. And like you, we know that our health and wellbeing are affected by this habit.

At Eden, we offer our guests the opportunity to detox from their everyday lives; this includes detoxing from an unhealthy or unbalanced diet, unhygienic sleep habits, and of course, our digital devices. By unplugging from the daily demands of family, work, and those never ending notifications, you will find the space and time to rest, relax, and rejuvenate.

The benefits of unplugging

In our hyper-connected world, it is easy to get lost in the virtual realm. From endless notifications to the constant pressure of being online, stress levels can skyrocket as the need to be connected takes priority over your own health practices. By taking a break from technology, you can experience a host of benefits:

Reduced stress: 

Giving yourself some tech-free time allows your mind to relax and recharge. Without the constant pinging of notifications, you can regain focus and reduce anxiety.

Improved sleep quality: 

Exposure to screens before bedtime can disrupt your sleep patterns. Unplugging at least an hour before sleep can lead to more restful nights and increased energy during the day. Ideally, leave your phone in another room so that you are not tempted to pick it up during the night.

Enhanced personal connections: 

Disconnecting from technology on a regular basis fosters meaningful face-to-face interactions. It allows you to be present in the moment and truly connect with others. 

Boosted creativity: 

Stepping away from digital distractions can unleash your creativity, allowing your mind to wander and explore new ideas. Leave the phone at home and go for a gentle, meandering walk. Inspire your creativity and let your senses experience the sights, sounds and smells of nature.

Greater mindfulness: 

By detaching from the digital world and its ever-present demands, you can cultivate mindfulness, being more aware of your thoughts and emotions.

How Eden supports your digital detox journey

At Eden Health Retreat, we understand the importance of taking a break from technology and reconnecting with ourselves and nature. Our serene and secluded location provides the perfect setting for your digital detox journey. As electronic devices do not receive a signal in the majority of the retreat, these spaces are dedicated to encouraging reflection, meditation, and genuine connections with fellow guests. Connections made at Eden are often the highlight of the week, resulting in lifelong friendships borne from shared experiences. 

With the benefit of digitally detoxing, comes extra time. Time you would normally have spent on your phone or social media. Take this opportunity to reclaim this time by immersing yourself in nature; join our guided walks, yoga sessions, or Connect to Nature class to reconnect with the earth and yourself. In our tech-free dining area, you can savour delicious, healthy meals mindfully. Connect with other guests over sumptuous food without the distraction of screens.

Your Eden experience is for you to take the time you need. From yoga and mindfulness workshops to spa treatments and holistic therapies, we offer a variety of activities to help you relax and rejuvenate.Is it time for you to take a digital detox and spend time rediscovering your health? Talk to our team today on (07) 5533 0333 to book in for your opportunity to unplug, unwind, and embrace the beauty of the present moment. Your wellness journey awaits!